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Chomp SMS

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May 14, 2022

Description of Chomp SMS

5/5 - (1 vote)

Hey, do you want an amazing app for massaging and texting? Hey guys I know you all have an android smartphone and you are using the default massaging app for texting someone. But you know the default massaging app is too slow and it does not give you more features. All android phones have the same kind of massaging app and all android phones provide the same features.

The android phone did not allow you to upgrade the app or add new features to the existed app. So what is the solution to this problem? Well, the solution is very simple just install a new SMS app. You can download a new and amazing app for SMS that gives you more features and more options. It makes texting massaging so simple and easy. So here is a new and advanced app for the android Chomp SMS Premium Mod APK.

More About Chomp SMS Premium Mod APK

It’s time to upgrade your old SMS app to a new one with the most advanced features. Text massaging is not so easy with the default SMS app. If you use a screen lock on your mobile and receive an SMS; you have to open the screen lock first and then open the SMS app and reply. But I have a simple solution to this problem.

If you are a Chomp SMS Premium Mod APK user you don’t need to open the screen lock or SMS app to reply to text messages. If you receive a message from anyone the app automatically opens a popup reply box you can reply from there. You don’t even need to open the SMS app. It gives you many more features you can use all those features for free of cost. Just download the application on your android phone and enjoy the best features.

Features of Chomp SMS Premium Mod APK :

If we talk about the features of this application has dozens of amazing features.

Free Themes:

This is the best option for you can edit the application and you can use themes from the wide collection of themes for free.

Password for the app:

If you are worried about app security this application gives you the best security options. You can set a password or passcode for the app. No one has access to the app without a password.

Scheduled SMS Sander:

This is the best feature of the application. You can use a scheduled SMS sander for free. You just need to type the text and select the number or contact and set the time and it’s done.

Stop a Text While Sanding:

If you send an SMS mistakenly you can stop the SMS while sending it. Or if you type a word wrong you can stop the SMS while sending.

Pin Favorites to Top:

If you are taxing a contact daily can choose the contact to favorite. And the contact will display on the top and you don’t need to find the contact.


Have you ever thought that you can back your messages and store your messages in a safe place? Well, this app is giving you a feature using this feature you can create backups for your text messages. You can also use the SMS Backup app to create backups of your text messages.

Blacklisting and SMS Blocker:

If an unknown number disturbs you or you want to block someone. This is the best feature for you. You can block any contact or any number. After blocking any number the number is not able o send you a massage.


You can set a signature using this application. After setting a signature; the signature will sand automatically with a very text message.

Quick Reply Popup:

This is the best option to reply to any text message without opening the screen lock. A quick reply popup message automatically opens even on the lock screen you can reply from there.

Group Massaging Chomp SMS:

If you want to send SMS to many contacts you can use the Group Massaging feature.


This app has a wide collection of emoji’s you can sand the emojis with any skin tone.

Final Words:

This is the most advance massaging app for android. You can use this application on your android phone for free of cost. Just download the application on your android phone and use the best and most advanced features for free of cost. You can check the APKDIAMOND for more latest updates.