Battery Guru App Download latest version for android

Hey guys I hope you are happy with our smartphone. Have you ever think that day by day your smartphone battery health is damaging. If you buy a new android smartphone the battery condition is so good and it works all over the day without charging. And when we use that phone for 3 months we need to charge the phone 2 times a day. That’s because every day we install applications on our smartphones and that application uses your battery. If you lock the screen and left your smartphone for 2 hours and when you check your Smartphone after 2 hours. You will notice a huge difference in your battery percentage. So if we talk about the solution to this problem you need an application to check all your battery performance and applications. So the best solution to this problem is Battery Guru App.

More Bout Battery Guru Apk:

Battery Guru App really helps you to improve your battery health and your battery performance. It will automatically turn off the apps that are using your battery. This application will also monitor all your screen performance and check your battery health. This is the best option to maintain your battery health. This application also monitors your battery percentage and also informs you when an application uses more battery. It will boost up your battery timing and your mobile performance also. Some of the applications use your mobile battery while your screen is locked. This application will find that kind of apps and turn off the applications and save your battery timing. This application has many more unique features. If you want to know about more features check the list below.

Features of Battery Guru App:

  • Maintain your battery health
  • Monitor all your screen activities and battery consuming applications
  • Give you help full tips to improve your battery life.
  • Shows battery level
  • Free for all
  • Boost up your battery timing
  • Auto turns off battery-consuming applications.
  • And many more

Battery Information:

This is the best and most advanced feature of this application. It shows you all the information about battery health, how much time left for a full charge, shows information about battery voltage, charging status, battery health, charging history, battery capacity, and many more.

Charging Information:

This section also the most important section of this application. When you plug in the charger it tells you if your mobile charging correctly or the charger is good for the mobile. It also informs you about the battery temperature while charging the phone.


This feature will inform you when your battery temperature getting high. It also informs you when charging is not suitable for your phone while charging. And it informs you when a charger is hurting your battery while charging.

So what are you waiting for just download the best app Battery Guru app and enjoy the best features of the application for free of cost? This is the most advanced battery sever with more amazing features. Now you can maintain your battery health and keep your battery safe. The developers of this application created this application to protect your battery health. Just download the best battery saver from here click the download button above and download the application.

Final Words:

If you want to keep your battery healthy this is the best option for you. You don’t need to do anything. This application will take care of your battery health. Using this application you can use your mobile for a long time without plugging the charger. So just download the application on your smartphone and enjoy the best features of the application for free of cost.