dashlane password manager apk free download for android

Do you love to visit new websites and want to experience more websites? Hey, I know everyone loves to visit new websites. But have you ever think that we visit dozens of websites daily and we crate account on many of them. And for every website we use a new password when we log out from a website and want to access the website after a week or after days we don’t remember the password. If we are working on a website and if we lose the password it means we lose all the information in our account. I know all of us facing this treble. So if we think about the solution to this problem. I know what comes to your mind first; we can write down the entire password so we don’t need to remember it. We can use the password whenever needed.

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Yes, you can try this technique. But I have a batter better solution for this problem. If you start writing your entire password on paper; you have to carry that paper all the time. And if you lose the paper you will lose your all entire passwords. So I am going to tell you a better solution for this problem. You have to download one android application that can solve this problem. Yes, you have to download dashlane password manager. This application will help to keep safe all your passwords and personal information. This is the most secure and safe password manager you can use for free. It has many more unique features and functions you can use all these features and functions for free of cost.

If we talk about the dashlane password manager apk; it is not only a password manager it will auto-fill your all information whenever needed. It will auto-fill your login information for each website or app. It is really simple to use this application you have to login into the application first and only you can know the master password of the application. You can use that password to access the app. It means only you can know the password for the application. And you can access your password and information from any device and time. If you want to make your passwords and information more secure you can set a pin or fingerprint lock to access the app. If you want to use any other application like this you can check Roboform password manager. This application has many more features if you want to know about more features of this application you can check the list below.

Features of dashlane password manager apk

Login with any device

  • You can save unlimited passwords and information
  • Using sync you can access your information from any device from mobile, tablet, or computer.
  • It will keep secure your all information and easily accessible from anywhere.


  • It gives you full security
  • No one can access the app without the password
  • 100 percent safe and secure
  • This app never share your personal info any where

Login info

It automatically saves your login information

It will auto-fill you login information on any website or app

You can also save your credit card numbers, contact information, address, and many more