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Pi Browser

If we talk about the web browsers the first thing comes in our mind is Google. We all know that Google is largest search engine and there are millions of searches perform in Google daily. Many people think that Google is only the search engine in the world there are no search engines. But this is not true. There are dozens of search engines which are used in different places in world. Majority of people are using Google as their search engine. Did you know why majority of the people are using Google as their search engine? Because many of the smart phones have a browser and 90 percent of the mobile companies choose Google as the default browser for their phone. That’s why Google is more poplar in the world.

More about Search engines   

I know that now you are thinking that is there any other browser batter than Google? Well the answer is very simple it depends on you. If you are not satisfied with Google you can try another search engine. As I mentioned on first paragraph that Google is largest search engine. Did you know about the second largest search engine in the world is? Well the second largest search engine is Bing. The second largest search engine after Google is Bing. Now I am going to tell you about another search engine.

Many of the countries have their own search engines like China has their own search engine. In China 98 percent of people are using Baidu. Baidu is a search engine which is commonly use in china. Are you thinking that why other people are not using Baidu. Because baidu is a Chinese search engine. The language used in baidu is Chinese and if anyone knows Chinese language they can use baidu.

If we talk about other search engines they have their own algorithm. and they are working really good with their algorithm. there are many search engines like, Bing, Baidu, Yohoo, DuckDuck GO, and many more.

Pi Browser Is a new web browser which gives you the best user experience. This is the most advance and enhanced search engine. If we talk about the features of this Browser It has many unique and new features.


  • This Browser has User friendly interface.
  • It has Quick response time.
  • You will get your result in micro second because it has Light speed version
  •  You can also search for images from Image Search tap
  • Get Free stuff
  • Overall look
  • This search engine is 100% safe.

When we first time open any of the browsers we look to the interface. If the interface is friendly we love to use that search engine. But if the interface is too complicated we will never use that search engine. The interface of this browser is very friendly and very easy. And the second thing about the browser is the speed. If search engine is too slow no one want to search on that search engine. This browser has light speed. If you search for anything on the search tap you will get the results instantly. You can also search images on this browser on the image tap. Just download the browser and enjoy the light speed results.

The security is very important for any search engine. If any of search engines has poor security no one use that search engine. Pi Browser has very good security system. It means that your all personal data and your searches are fully secure. And no one can access your personal data. This is the latest version of this browser you can download this browser on your android phone for free of cost.

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