TLS Tunnel VPN latest version free download for android

TLS Tunnel VPN is a free VPN which gives you access to all the restricted sites or blocked sites on our country. Many people using VPNs as internet speed booster and many of people use to get access to a restricted site. But this VPN is little bit different from other VPNs. The unique features of this VPN make it different from other VPNs. Have you noticed something while visiting a website in search tap before the URL some websites have a lock mark. Did you know why this lock mark is for? The lock mark means this website is 100% secure and safe. If you are visiting a website first check the website URL. If the URL starts from https:// it means that this website is secure and safe. But if the website URL starts from http:// it means that website is not secure.

TLS Tunnel VPN also provides you the security as HTTPS:// provides security to a website. If you go to a marketplace and search for a security certificate you have to spend your money to buy it. But this VPN will give you full security for free of cost. Everyone wants to secure their personal data but they don’t know how to secure it. After downloading this application your data will 100 percent secure and safe. This VPN will provide you full security. This VPN has many other features check the list below to know all other features.


  • Speed up your internet connection.
  • Provides you full security.
  • Give access to all the restricted sites.
  • Make your internet connection fully secure.
  • Keep your personal data safe.
  • Connects you with the light speed server
  • Allow the passage of any IPv4 protocol.
  • This VPN is free for all.
  • And many more features.

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